How to install new metro ethernet line?

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I work for a company which is currently using a T1 line as their main network connection.  They have just installed a metro ethernet line via AT&T.  AT&T set up a white box which I'm guessing houses the modem and from there a pair of fiber cables come out and run into a cisco switch.  I've tried using hyperterminal to get into the interface of the switch, but it looks like AT&T might have already set it up because it asks for a username and password which I do not have.  My job is to reroute part of the building to use this new metro e line to free up bandwidth on the other T1 line.  It looks like the first port on the switch is the only active/open one because when I try to plug an ethernet cable into any of the other ports, I get no response and no lights.  However, when I plug an ethernet cable into the first working port and then into my laptop, the adapter says "connected", but it says limited or no network connectivity and thus, I am unable to get on the internet.  I am here to ask for help as to what to do because I will need to get a connection working in order to reroute users.  Do I need to add additional hardware? Configure other stuff?  Does AT&T have additional work to do?  Please help.  Thanks in advance.
Brent JohnsonAsked:
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joelsplaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AT&T should have given you IP address information to use their connection.  If they didn't you will have to call them to get it.  They won't let you into their router.  They expect you to plug your own router into theirs and do all your setup there.
If you have the IP info you can manually enter it into your laptop and get on the internet but you will be wide open with no protection other than your laptop firewall.
ISPs doesnt provide access to switch that they manage; if you pay a rent (usually included in lease line price) you dont have access as you dont own the router!

To test connectivity:
Usually ports are configured in order; so only 1st port should be active!
The line is point to point with an other office or is internet line?!

If is metro ethernet to ISP cloud, then configure static IP to your laptop (provided by your ISP); usually is a /30 network. Try to ping the remote site; if it replies first step is OK!

If is a point-to-point with an other branch then router on the other side should be configured; in this case you can choose your /30 network

Ask your ISP about the progress and the state of the configuration
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Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:

When you trying to connect to Switch through Hyper Terminal it is asking for Authentication that itself means the switched is already configured and it requires credentials to login into Switch to change Switch Configurations and moreover the ports in the swith are blocked manually and only one port is left open for connectivity.Instead of connecting ethernet cable to switch you can directly connect the same to laptop and check whether you are able to access Internet.Or else check your lancard without connecting Ethernet cable by going to command prompt and ping it should ping if it is not pinging then check for you lancard drivers whether they have installed properly or not .
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
it is and not
Brent JohnsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  Yes, AT&T finally came and gave us what we needed, only after much instigating and staying on top of them for it.  Thanks for your help!
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