change apt-get install directory for gnmoe install on linux


I'm using a plug sever distribution of debian, and I want to be able to install gnome, so that I can then install vnc.

The plug server only has 512 MB of internal storage so I need to use the external usb flash drive to store the files & have mounted this as /usb

How do I change the default settings so that /usb/apt becomes the default folder rather than /var/cache etc etc

New to Linux so a little confused! - plus I've got to do everything through SSH at the moment.

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farzanjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ssh is fine.

Do you think installing stuff on USB is such a good idea?

Well there are many ways you could do this.

You can create a symlink, which is like a short cut folder in windows.  So, your /var/cache is actually /usb/apt

ln -s /var/cache /usb/apt

Second:  During installation you have to give extra parameters like --prefix=...

First way is preferable and easier.
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