SQL 2008 Mirroring HA option for MOS2007 Sharepoint Farm

Hello there,

We are planning to implement SQL 2008 DB mirroring as HA solution to MOS2007 SP farm. But MOS2007 is not DB Mirror aware.
Is this going to be an issue?

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards
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When failover occur (assuming you are not using a Witness in your mirroring for auto failover), you need to set the failover database to "normal mode" so you can actually select it.

You then use the stsadm command on the Web Front-End Server(s) to re-map SharePoint to the proper database server.
The first database you need to worry about is of course the Config Database.

Have a look at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc261956%28office.12%29.aspx

Also another method can be found at:

One solution might be to:
- create a brand new farm on the new server
- mirror the Content DB from production to the failover system (not the config database!)
- When failing over, enable the mirrored Database.
- Using stsadm on the WFE Servers, re-attach the mirrored content database to the new (failover) environment.
- Re-create the search database.

I haven't try that solution yet but it might work without creating too much overhead...

goprasadAuthor Commented:
Any one?
Yes, you can set-up DB Mirroring of SharePoint Databases.
But there are a few considerations if it's to be used as a Failover system...

The main one being that the mirror database is likely to reside on another SharePoint Server (different name). Therefore, you will need to use the stsadm command to "re-point" the database to the proper server name.

Hope this helps

goprasadAuthor Commented:
Can you please explain what happens when failover occurs? Whats steps do we need to undertake to redirect traffic from front-end servers to Mirror server
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