Run cmd as admin, by default

Is it possible to run cmd with admin privileges without having to rught click and say "Run as amin"?

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Here is a screenshot to illustrate:
dshrenikAuthor Commented:
I mean is there a way to set it as default?
I am assuming you are doing this to run something during a batch process.  One way to do this would be to change the shortcut by right clicking on the short cut and then from the shortcut tab click on the Advanced button and then from the Advanced Properties dialog select the Run as administrator option.
So if you mean to run the cmd prompt as an admin then just right click on the command prompt shortcut and change the advanced settings to run as administrator as illustrated above.

If instead you mean to run a specific command in a batch file as an administrator then you can use some command line tools to do this securely - otherwise you can pipe in a password (although this is not secure).
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