Looking for a web & email filtering solution with reporting catering for multiple ldap sources


I'm currently looking for an appliance or software that will do the following:
Web and Email filtering/blocking
Reporting on emails and web sites visited
Has the ability to identify users from different Active Directories
Does VPN termination

I've looked around and the major thing I can't find is the multiple ldap/AD sources, so I'm looking for people's recomendations or experiences.

Some background to this - The company I'm doing this for will eventually split into two, however they still want to share network infrastructure and telephony. They did want two appliances, but this causes an issue with default gateways with all the vlans that were flying around, remote vpn users using telephones etc. So if I can find one applicance that can handle and report on users from two different domains, that would solve a LOT of problems!

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I think websense is the best option you can select which suits your requirements.Below is the link for downloading trial version of it and experiencing it:


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