Remote Desktop 2008 R2 Farm

Looking on some clarification on SSL requirements for Remote Desktop Farm SSL configuration. The ultimate goal is to publish the Farm and Remote Applications with UAG SP1 and allow SSO, but one step at a time. So far everything appears to be working, but SSO is not working and i belive it is due to my SSL names/configuration

Enviroment setup:
Farm name: ""
Split DNS is configured
2 RDSH servers
1 Connection Broker which is also a DC
1 Web Access Server
1 Remote Desktop Gateway Server

How do I setup the SSL certificate and how many certificates do I need? I currently have an GDaddy SSL but still recieving SSL warnings. I was thinking that i could use 1 UCC/SAN SSL for all the servers, but it appears from additional reading that i may need 1 cert per RD Web, RD Gateway.

Request UCC/SAN from RD Gateway with:
Common Name -
Subj Alt Names - RDSH1.FQDN
Subj Alt Names - RDSH2.FQDN
Subj Alt Names - farm name ""

Request UCC/SAN from RD web access with:
Common name -
Subj Alt Names - RDSH1.FQDN (remote app source)
Subj Alt Names - RDSH2.FQDN (remote app source)

Any and all comments are greatly appeciated.
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bushido2006Author Commented:
i have seen that articale and I am reviewing the enviroemnt now to see if we have simply overlooked a setting/configuration. I will post again once our audit has been completed
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