Need a network diagramming tool

I need to create a detailed diagram of a network rack that includes Cisco Catalyst switches , a SonicWall and several servers. I want to be able to show how each switch port is configured and what each port is patched into. I'm looking for an easy to use diagramming tool that is preferable a freebie. I have an older copy of Visio but i'm really not a Visio fan.

A colleage mentioned something called "Mousetrap" but i really can't find anything about it. Anyone have any recommendations?
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I can recommend using SmartDraw, you can find it here.

they also offer a free download.

But if you want to really configure a device while digramming, you can use the software by cisco called packet tracer.

Hope it helps. Thanks
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
If I'm wrong then I'm sure someone will point it out.  
I think the notion of a "diagram" (as in schematic) is NOT a good idea for the stated purpose.
I don't think a "tool" is really what you need; rather, *tools*.  But they are simple enough.

Use something like Actrix to make a block diagram.
Use something like Excel to list the ports, etc.  Tools like ManageEngine OpManager export into Excel format.
You might try that out to see....

Trying to do the latter on a schematic isn't a very good idea.  

That said, I can imagine the need for a cabling schematic port-to-port.  But I don't think it's very useful nonetheless.
A "wiring list" makes more sense to me .... as above.
Spiceworks has a new feature in it where it will automatically draw your network diagram.  It is kind of neat because it can pick up things that you may not know about- for example end users installing 5 port switches at thier desks.
The dude is a very good one.  To top it off, it is freeware.  Try it. If you like it purchase it.  If you don't like it, uninstall it and move on.
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