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I am using Fedex Web service to get fixed rate for different shipping method.I am trying to use same web service to get estimated delivery time for the same web service.I am not able to figure out that weather I can do that or not.I search out but I did not get proper information.

can anyone please help me to use webservice to get Estimated time for diffrent fedex method.

Like for Ground  it gives me rate 17.00 (I want days also here just like 5-7 days)
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What language do you have this coded in?  You list .net -,  There is sample code on the FedEx Developer resource center that you can review to see how to make this work.  In the sample code, you can also uncomment some lines to have it write out the xml request and reply to a file.

If you can post your code minus confidential information that will help.

It looks like you may be using  If so try this line to get your reply:

RateReply reply = service.getRates(request);

It will help if you can provide a little more information like which of the FedEx Services your are using and some of your sample code.  If you use the Rate Service, you can get both the rate and the transit time.  In your request make sure you have added the ReturnTransitAndCommit node and have a value of True.  The Return will have a node titled CommitDetails which will contain the information you need.

Here is an example of requesting the Transit Time:
        request.ReturnTransitAndCommit = True
        request.ReturnTransitAndCommitSpecified = True

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Here is an example of parsing out the reply:
	If (rateReplyDetail.DeliveryTimestampSpecified) Then
            Console.WriteLine("Delivery timestamp: " + rateReplyDetail.DeliveryTimestamp.ToString)
        End If
        If (rateReplyDetail.TransitTimeSpecified) Then
            Console.WriteLine("Transit time: " + rateReplyDetail.TransitTime.ToString)
        End If

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If you download the sample code from FedEx, it has this flag already set.  If you need more detailed help in adding this value, please post your code (removing the FedEx credentials, password, account and meter).  
Itgirl16Author Commented:
@ltlbearand3: I am not able to parsing out the reply.I made the request but when I am trying to get reply using same thing as you specified

rateReplyDetail.DeliveryTimestampSpecified.IT is not giving me any option of DeliveryTimestampSpecified with ratereplydetail.?I should use the same option or is there any other option I can use for

var reply = service.getRates(request);

this way I am getting rate (for your referance)

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