Static Route: Function & Where to configure


1) This is related to the Static Route
2) Per consultant, it is very important on the enterprise network (Most of network problem is related to it --> possibly 90%; I am sure it true or no)

3) My question:
i) What is the Function or Definition of the Static Route?
ii) Why is it so important?
iii) Where to configure the Static Route? (At the Firewall or the Router --> I believe at the Router (not sure)

4) Thanks

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ipajonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like @als315's comment you need to have at least a fundemental understanding of routing before you can appreciate what a static route is and if or where you would configure one.  But hopefully the following comment might help point you in the right direction.

When you need to send traffic from one network to another (specifically with IP networks) you need a routing device to provide the gateway between the networks.  A route provides the device with the information needed as to where to send the traffic destined for a particular network.  You may/may not need static routes depending on the routing requirements but a static route when configured on a router would generally take precedence over any dynamic routes but not directly connected routes.  Once key example of using a static route might be where you need a default route, so for example you might see somethiing like this:

ip route

This is a statically configured default route which basically says to the routing device if you can't find a better router for a destination network then use as the nexp hop device which might to be able to route the traffic more specifically.

Generally if needed static routes would usually be configured on devices on the borders of your network and as suggested by @The_Warlock this could be a router or firewall depending on the individual network in question.

Hope this helps
als315Connect With a Mentor Commented:
2. IMHO 90% of network problems are in DNS
i) You can read detailed explanation in wikipedia:
ii) Term "important" seems me not adequate. It is nesessary or not.
iii) in router, of course (but in small networks firewall can be also router).
tjieAuthor Commented:

1) """IMHO 90% ..... """  --> What is "IMHO" ?

2)"""" iii) in router, of course (but in small networks firewall can be also router)."""
Question: What is the device's name --> Firewall can be also router (is it a Cisco device, or what?) (Please give the name of the device)

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Robert Sutton JrConnect With a Mentor Senior Network ManagerCommented:
Your questions above pertain to YOUR own network...What is your "Edge" deive? Router or firewall? What is running your policies and also your routing? More than likely its your firewalss device if its infact a "Hardware" piece of equipment. Otherwise, if you have a router running firewal functions, then youll need to run your routes to your host addresses accordingly. In addition, youll also neet to set your net up with the apporpriate access list and or pass-thru's necessary to allow your network to function as intended. Without a proper running condig posted here or a net diagram, there isnt much we can say or do as we're running bling on a "poison Ivy" network...Either let us know a little more info or describe or show  "IN diagrams" us a little more about what it is you're tryint to achieve. Thanks in advance and hope this helps.
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Sorry for the "fat" finger mispels KBoard.
tjieAuthor Commented:
Hey Warlock,

1) No need to come to details ---> It can be any diagram

2) I just want to know the " Static Route " ( I believe "any diagram" will have "static route")

3) So my question:
- Why is it important? (Just per your own wording or your experience please)
- Where to configure it? ( Just per your experience please)

4) Thanks
als315Connect With a Mentor Commented:
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
Example for cisco ASA 5500:
But not only cisco can do it. Almost every SOHO router hav¿ firewall capabilities.
als315Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For understanding importance of static routes you should understand routing principles.
Normally your computer have one gateway and att traffic to external networks will go through this gateway. If you have additional networks, which can't be routed through default gateway (in this case you should have more then one router in your network or "big" router, which can do vlans) you should add static route to this network. It is possible to do it in computer (if only some computers in your network should have this static router) or in default gateway (router), when all computers should be routed.
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