Corrupted/Hiroglyphic email in Windows Live Mail

I have a friend who like me has signed up to receive these update emails from a website.  I can view them without issue, and no other subscriber has reported the same problem.

When she looks at these emails thru her webmail interface, the emails are properly formatted, look correct, etc.

However, when they get downloaded into her Windows LIve mail, then SOME of the emails look like this:
 Screen shot of gibberish
Short of switching her email client, any ideas on this one?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That is almost always a character set mismatch.  In a web browser, you could go the "View" menu and change the encoding.  I have avoided Windows Live Mail since the one time it tried to take over my computer so I'm not sure how it works to display emails.
tnormanAuthor Commented:
Can't confirm yet, but the link definitely summarizes the issue we are experiencing.
tnorman--Let us know if you need more help. Notice that I posted two links.
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