Changing values/properties in a Setup Project based on code/build configuration?

hi guys,

i have an application which im building a setup project for (deployment .msi). for simplicity i've created build configuration in my applications .vbproj which basically have different compile variables which remove certain bits of code from compilation and also changes the applications icon once its compiled.

the problem is that because my main application has different icons based on which build i compile, there are various sections of the setup project which should really display different icons to reflect the main applications release. so for example in the setup, the dialog banner needs to be different based on build version. i also have four different help files which i maintain side by side. depending on the build configuration im compiling with, it would be nice to be able to select which of the help files i actually extract to the application folder. now i've seen that in the properties of included files theres a "condition" which one can set, however im finding it difficult to somehow tie this to the configuration build or something just as easy.

as a last resort i suppose i can have 4 different setup projects, one for each build....or always go and manually change these values (which is very prone to accidents), however i've really prefer if there was a more automatic way of doing this, does anyone have any ideas?

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gem56Author Commented:
hi raja, thanks for your reply. not *exactly* what i was looking for, but helpful non the less. thanks mate :)
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