best way to enable dhcp on working sbs 2003

Have a friend with working sbs2003, has and is working for a few years now.
But the router is the current dhcp server. I think that is the reason why I can't get VPN working
you see asking for password and stuff, but is unable to register the pc in the network.
True remote desktop (which works) I reran the ras wizard but with no effect.
Tried to install dhcop true  install/remove software but would not run as it should.
What is the safest way to keep other settings and data to get it working
Thanks for your intrest
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Krzysztof PytkoConnect With a Mentor Senior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
My suggestion is to stop DHCP server on a router and then...

install DHCP role on SBS server, authorize it and create new scope accordingly to that running on router. When scope is created do not activate it yet. Go to DHCP server properties and select "Advanced" tab. Set there IP conflict detection attempts to 2 or 3 and activate scope, now (if needed create also DHCP reservations). Now, you have DHCP server on your SBS and IP addresses won't be issued twice. IP conflict detection attempts will prevent that. After some time you will notice that your DHCP server database is rebuilt itself :)

That's all

you should be able to setup DHCP but not activate the scope - copy all the settings i.e. same subnet, default gateway and DNS servers etc
Turn DHCP off on the router and activate the scope on the server to that it starts handing out addresses
techdienstAuthor Commented:
Will give it a try, and let you know
hoping for the best
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