slow connection

I have a test server and a test domamain 2008 r2

and since I have recovered one of the servers (no the dc) from back up.

the machine can take up to 15 mins on the windows screen "applying computer settings"

I thought there may be a DNS issue but this is even before I log in?

please help
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Can you check the application logs for any GPO and system logs for any hardware issues. Sometime GPO also cause the issue. Secondly, if you have any firewall between DC and this server, just disable it at both end and check again.
NickySRJonesAuthor Commented:
not the DC I mean :)
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Slow hardware can also cause log process to be slow. Is this a VM?
NickySRJonesAuthor Commented:
yes its on a VM

I have exchange running on it 2....

when i do eventually login in it can see the domain...even though it lets me login to the domain?

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