Start/Windows button doesn't work and the pictures for icons are missing


 We've upgraded a machine from XP to Windows 7 Professional and have connected it to our domain server which is Windows Server 2003.  

I log on to the Win7 machine using a network account and when the desktop appears you can see the names of all the icons displayed on the screen but the images that go with those icons are not there.  If I double click on one of these imageless icons the program launches without any problem

If I left click on the start/windows button using the mouse it doesn't do anything (although it does flicker to show that it has been clicked).  If I use the windows key on the keyboard it will flicker to show it's been selected but the menu will not appear.  

If I right click on the start button I am able to access Explorer and Properties.  If I select Explorer I can access all the folders but the images for the folders and programs are not displaying.  If I double click on a program or file I can still open it and use it in the normal way.  

Ctrl-Alt-Del still works and I can access Task Manager.  

If I log out of the network account and log onto the machine locally this problem does not occur.  The start/windows button works and all the images for the icons are showing.  

 - I've applied all the Windows updates I can for both local machine and server.  
 - I've deleted the iconcache so Windows can recreate it
 - I've ended the explorer.exe process and restarted it
 - I've tried changing the icon image manually (funnily enough, if I do this, all the icon images are available to me to choose from but the image doesn't appear on the desktop when I apply it)
 - I've created a new user profile for the Win7 machine
 - I've deleted and recreated the profile for the user and the machine on the domain server
 - I've run sfc/scannow.  No errors are shown.


Win7 missing icon images
Help gratefully received.
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ldavis07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried to reinstall win7? It may have not installed correctly. I know this may be a big step but it seems like the win7 OS is currupted and since you have already reinstalled the user profile, then thats not it. Are you hardware and software compatible to run win7? You can check using the upgrade advisor
you might wanna try running this command: sfc /scannow
TimRLAuthor Commented:
Thanks, have done that.  No errors.  
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and i assume you have run checkdisk as well?
TimRLAuthor Commented:
Yep.  Still nothing.
TimRLAuthor Commented:
Reinstall is probably my final option.  I may wait until tomorrow morning in case anyone else here has any other ideas.  Cheers.
hjere it was the codec pack :

do you see the file the shortcut points to if you right click the space where the icon should be and select properties?
Perhaps you can try adding the domain account to the local administrator group an see if all works well then? If so it's probabely a security setting?
TimRLAuthor Commented:
The solution was accurate but was a bit of a sledgehammer solution.  In many cases of IT support, reinstalling the OS would solve the problem.
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