Managed Mailbox Policy not being implemented

I've set up a managed mailbox policy to move items from the Inbox to a Managed Folder called "Old Inbox Items" after 12 months. I've also created one for deleted items and sent items to go to similar folders.

These new managed folders are in a managed folder mailbox policy which is applied to each user on the Exchange 2007 server and the Mailbox Assistant is set to run daily but I've also tried manual runs.

The users see the new folders (Managed Folders > Old Inbox Items, etc etc) but emails over 12 months old aren't being moved to the new folders from the current folders.

I've tried setting the Managed Content settings to "When item is moved to the folder" and also to "When item is received" but neither seem to help. I've also changed the data range. The event log shows the mailbox assistant starting up and it says 89 mailboxes were scanned with no errors.

Any ideas why it's not applying?

Exchange 2007 on the server and Outlook 2003 SP3 on the workstations


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start and stop the management process for the mailboxes
Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -identity mailboxservername

i had an issue with archiving in 2010 that wasn't working and starting and stoping that did the trick

i think that's the powershell command - haven't got my cmd list on me at the moment
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