What is the best small business backup solution for up to 2TB of data

LTO-5 currently offers reasonably fast transfer speeds and a native uncompressed capacity of up to 1.5TB; however is there currently a better solution to backing up a SBS server with a 2TB storage capacity, rather than using a LTO-5 device with multiple tapes?

The backup needs to complete within a 12 hour overnight window and also needs to be stored off-site; however remote or USB backup solutions would seem to be too slow for this volume of data.

It would also be good to have some future proofing built in and the available budget is less than £5K. What would be the best option?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
With SBS 2011 (to a maximum of 2 TB) the built-in backup to USB works extremly well, and after the first backup, to each drive used, does an elaborate type of incrementals. It is designed to work with multiple USB drives that can be simply unplugged and plugged in (no safely remove etc.) and the backup software tracks backups on each drive. It is also very easy to use for individual file recovery, or complete restores. Using this method also gives you a backup status report with the daily SBS reports.

If wanting to use 3rd party software I would also vote for rindi's suggestion of Shadowprotect.
I recommend checking out the Acronis website, I have used their solutions in the past with good results. Although that was with local (removable) storage.

Do you really have that much data to backup daily? Can't you just do a full backup when you have a larger backup time frame, and then do either incremental or differential backups daily? For that an HD connected to USB 2.0 would be fine, or also remote backups would then be fine.

I'd suggest shadowprotect from storagecraft. Their solution is really very good. You need one full backup, and then you can do incrementals at as small intervals as 15 minutes. These incrementals can be merged into the full backup so they are easier to manage, and so you only need to do the full backup once. Apart from that it also has an option to continuously restore the backups to a virtualbox environment which makes it easy to restore data, or test the backups, and also allows you to have the virtual server running again in no time should the original one break down. This gives you a running environment while you get the broken down server repaired and the system restored.

I'm not sure about the costs, but I believe the SBS backup version should fit into your budget.


Otherwise if you really need full backups all the time (again in my point of view a waste of time and storage space) you could also look at USB 3.0.
I tend to use Backup Exec and Netgear ReadyNAS devices that depending on the device house up to 6 hard drives (raided of course) which can then be copied onto a USB drive.
You mentioned LTO5; while it's excellent media I doubt you could feed it fast enough to prevent shoe-shining which wears the tape and the drive and slows the backup speed. For example HP LTO5 data rate matching is 47-140 MB/s so you have to feed the drive with data at at least 47MB/s. You can install HP's Library and Tape Tools (you don't need a tape drive for this) and there's a system performance test that will tell if you can read your disks fast enough.
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