SBS 2011 SBS Console Failed Updates

Hi everyone,

In my company there is a 2003 server which doesn't want to install 2 small updates. So on that machine the updates are show up as failed. Because they are linked to the SBS 2011, it also shows up as failed on the SBS Console.

Is there anyway to just clean the updates on the 2003 and not install them anymore so that the updates doesn"t show failed and ultimately also doesn't show failed in the SBS Console?

Or can I just clean the SBS Console so that this update doesn't show up as failed?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
The best option of course is to get the updates to properly install. Most often if you delete or rename the C:\Windows\SotwareDistribution folder on the problematic computer (2003 server), they will then install. Alternatively you can un-approve the update in the SBS console so that it no longer shows as required or failed.

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Silencer001Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion RobWill. I deleted the softwaredistribution but still the updates weren't downloaded. I downloaded each update seperatly based on the KB and they installed great except for the Internet Explorer 8 update because it wasn't designed for the OS.

But still 2 updates show up as failed on the SBS Report. The strange thing is when I look in the SBS Console with "Updates with errors" no updates are shown there..
I excluded the server from the WSUS, but still the SBS report shown failed updates.

Do you have another recommendation? Thanks again mate!
Silencer001Author Commented:
I excluded the widows server 2003 from the list from wsus and it works now! Thanks for your help!
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