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I need to place some advertising with an ad network, however the only format that they will accept is an image file (gif or JPEG) and a clickthru URL. However I want to make sure that I can see where my advertising is being placed and be able to count impressions.  I have a tracking pixel similar to this one:

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

However because there is no way to give them a redirect tag (i.e. a doubleclick tag) I can't implement this.  It is no good trying to append this to the Click URL as I need to keep track of impressions - not clicks.

Is there a way that I can embed this pixel/code into the image, or another work around?

I'm really stuck and I don;t want to spend my money unless I can track, and I don't want to rely on or trust the stats of the network.

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Then what you are trying to do, cannot be done. Sorry.
Your best option is to give a URL to the image directly and set up web site monitoring tools to count the number of loads on that image. You "cannot" embed code into an image. That would be a HUGE security flaw. The reason I quoted cannot is because there was a flaw in JPEG files with IE that would allow javascript code to execute but it has since been patched.
eezar21Author Commented:
Yeah, sadly the only option I have is to upload either a Gif, JPEG or PNG, and not a URL.

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