1 user at remote site needs to be on head office vlan

1 user at remote site needs to be on head office vlanI have a user at a remote site who needs an IP address allocated from the head office Vlan.

Is this possible using an IP helper address or any other method?
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why not set him up with vpn access?
There are a number of approaches you can use depending on how deep you want to go. Check out this link for different options you can use.

Please better explain your situation. Why does the user need it? How is the user currently connecting to the head office?
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andrewwismithAuthor Commented:
he requires an ip address from the head office range because he needs to access servers an North America. IP addresses from the head office are the only ones allowed past through the access lists
andrewwismithAuthor Commented:
already done it
andrewwismithAuthor Commented:
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