Can't see selected cells in Excel

I have a user on Excel 2010 who has a problem. Whenever she opens an Excel spreadsheet and selects some cells, nothing appears.

Normally, when you select cells in excel, you'll see a solid black outline of the cells you are selecting along with a blue background shading. She does not see either of these.

We know the selection is working because excel displays the cells that are being selected in the top left corner. Also, if she selects cells and makes some formatting change, the changes apply the cells she was trying to select - there's just nothing to indicate that the cells are selected.

This just occurred after uninstalling Office 2010 Home/Business from the Click-to-Run installer (comes on OEM Dell machines) and using physical media to reinstall.
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Davy2270Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the problem still persists after you have restarted your computer again, I would uninstall Office from the control panel's 'Add or Remove Programs'. And then install Office again from the physical media.

You might want to try the repair option from the control panel before a full reinstall.  

Also, there was a choice made on office 2010 to choose speed over interface with incompatable display drivers.  Often users have to scroll the worksheet down, and then scroll back up to refresh their screen if they have one of these "incompatable drivers"

I'd have her scroll down and then back up and see if if the highlighted items are now showing.  Also you'll want to get best display/video driver you can and see if that fixes the problem.


I think Gridlines are disable. Have you tried it ?

In view Option. Select Gridline box checked.
DVation191Author Commented:
Oddly, rebooting fixed the problem. Weird!
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