cisco asa failover with redundant isp config question

Here is the scenario and I have no idea if this can be done, and would like to know before I propose it to the boss.

2 ASA with the network failover lan license hooked up to each other however I would like each ASA to have a different ISP.  I know I can do this in hsrp, but I would like that if the WAN goes down on 1 ASA1, then ASA2 will be able to supply internet access to my network until the internet comes back to ASA1.
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you can configure an sla on asa 1 and if the the link to the internet fails, you can route all traffic destinated to the internet thought ASA2.
Yes, with them in active/active failover. This is ASA's version of HSRP.
With Active/standby, both ASA's would have to have both ISP's connected. This might actually be a better solution. That way, if either the ISP or one of the ASA's fails, the other takes over.

mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
right but if the isp on 1 of the asa's go down, not the asa itself, will it failover.  If so what is the example of the config?
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
I guess that can work for what I need,
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