Exchange 2003 Active Passive cluster

Good morning -

We have an Exchange 2003 Active passive cluster with shared storage on a NetApp iSCSI SAN.

We recently had a stupid issue with our OWA not working and ended up playing with the IIS settings on both nodes.  Turned out it was a virtual ip address conflict.

One of the nodes works fine but when we try and roll over to the passive node all the resources come up except for HTTP virtual server instance 100 on the passive node.  after it times out it eventually rolls back to the other working node.  

After digging around in IIS on the passive node i noticed that the Exchange Virtual server is stopped.  Could this be why it is not being brought online by the Microsoft Cluster service?  Should i try starting it first?

Thank you for any help

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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just double check at the ip-addres and port number assigned for the "Exchange Virtual server" [Second web site] is fine. (including the SSL port)

Normally both the web-sites [Default Web site & Exchange Virtual server] should be stopped @ the Passive node

But when we get the resources on any particular node...then we should get the "Exchange Virtual serveR" (web site) up and running..

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