Duplication problem

In Windows XP, MS Outlook 07 is listing sent items and inbox with 2 different entries for the same person.  For example, John Doe and ‘John Doe’.  The difference is an apostrophe.
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Hi technologyone,

Are you able to post a picture of this problem? It sounds to me like a problem with the view in your Outlook client.

When you delete one of the emails does the other remain?

Try starting outlook with the /cleanviews switch.
technologyoneAuthor Commented:
It is not a views problem and "duplicates" was the wrong word choice but they are actually different email messages from the same sender.  Some of the emails appear as coming from John Doe while others appear as coming from 'John Doe'.  If you sort the inbox by Sender then there is a group in chronological order from John Doe and a completely separate group in a chronological order from 'John Doe'.  It is not a configuration problem on the sender's end because they use the same PC and sometimes it shows up as one and sometimes as the other.  I cannot post a screen shot.
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