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I am to be soon developing a number of websites with dynamic ad models using Google's DFP service. Ideally I want to develop these websites using WordPress, I was wondering if there was any tips or brilliant plugins to allow me to show generic grouped ad units and specific ad units on different categories, pages and posts in certain categories?

I need a default generic set of advertisments to appear in a few predefined ad slots for example: 2x MPU, 2x Leaderboard etc..

These need to change depending on what category or page/post you are on. The same ads need to show on posts that come from it's parent category, the same applies for sub-categories and pages with sub-pages.

There seems to be no solution out there! Just simple plugins to stick adsense codes into posts randomly it seems..

Now I was thinking, do I add a set of custom fields to posts+pages+taxonomies? However I feel that this would be an ministration nightmare, having to siv through masses of data. However if none were defined there would be a default fallback set.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> There seems to be no solution out there! Just simple plugins to stick adsense codes into posts randomly
>> it seems..

Pretty much.  As with anything, the more specific your needs, the fewer community contributions you will see that match those needs.  From the plugin standpoint, try either:




but I think Ad Injection is still too simplistic to match what you want.  The former has a ton of settings and may be a better fit for you.

Ultimately I think you are going to end up writing your own plugin that does all of the parent/child and category testing you are talking about.
You could write a small piece of php code that uses mysql to pull information related to the ads that you want to display.
you could do something like SELECT `image_name` FROM ads_table WHERE `category` = 'the_category'
you could pull them at random if you wanted.
this would also allow you to increment the number column so you could see how many times it is displayed.

just an idea as an alternative
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