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I installed Delphi 5 on a computer that had Delphi 7 already installed.  When I first ran Delphi 5, it asked if I wanted to change the debugger to ...Delphi5\Bin\Bordbg50.exe and I answered yes.  Code insight doesn't work in Delphi 5.  I check Editor properties which has all the items checked and Debugger Options has Integrated Debugging checked.

When I run D7 it asks me if I want to change the debugger to ...Delphi7\Bin\Bordbg70.exe and I answer yes.  Now code insight doesn't work in D7 either.  It was working fine prior to installing D5.
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Emmanuel PASQUIERConnect With a Mentor Freelance Project ManagerCommented:
now that's fun, if I may say so.
I have D5 and D7 working good on the same station (virtual, XP 32bits).
I probably setup D7 after D5, but I'm not even sure of that, it was so long ago.
I just said No to Delphi 5 and 'don't ask'.
Code Insight OK on both IDE. Debug works well also for both. Except maybe some dll with D5, that sometime refuse to debug when executed from IDE with a host .EXE.

I think that JIT debugger is not related to CodeInsight, so maybe you have another problem going on.

anyway, just to be sure,you might want to check the values in registry :
CiaoBabyAuthor Commented:
Not sure what happened but when I went in and looked at the registry setting (which all looked fine) and then tried again, both D5 and D7 are working.  Must be some quantum effect - observation changed its state.  Wow, you ARE a genius!
Emmanuel PASQUIERFreelance Project ManagerCommented:
I have been lucky :o)
Delphi 5 DO have some quantum behavior sometimes.
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