Print jobs causing XP to lock up

We've got a few users whos applications seem to lock up when they try to print something.  Outlook, excel, Adobe, it doesn't matter what as soon as you click to print the application just locks up.  I've restarted the spooler service on the local machines, tried deleting the printers and reinstalling them, ran MS "fixit" utility which wouldn't run because of some error.  I can't seem to find anything specific that is causing this.  Any ideas would be welcome.  This is on local and networked printers.
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adml_shakeAuthor Commented:
I think I figured it out.  After doing some research a few people had pointed out that they traced the problem back to the Windows Image Acquisition service.  Once it was stopped and set to disabled everyone's print jobs started going like normal.  There must have been a windows update or something that screwed up some people machines.
have you tried system restore to an earlier date when it was working?
Did you delete the printers completely? To do that go to Printers & Faxes. First delete the printers. Then, from the File menu, select Server Properties. Click the Drivers tab and delete the drivers from the list.
adml_shakeAuthor Commented:
Found resolution on another website.
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