How to fix a slow router

Can anyone recommend some troubleshooting techniques that I can use to fix a router that periodically becomes extremely slow?  

I have a new Linksys E3000 router for my home network. There are two computers connected to it.  I have noticed that occasionally my Internet connection becomes extremely slow and I figured it was just a problem with my ISP because the problem seemed to correct itself if I was just patient.  Then I discovered that the problem wasn't my ISP at all.  The connection between my PC and my router (connected via ethernet cable) was very slow.  For example, if I tried to ping the router (ping my response time was 3000ms.  I have discovered that if I reboot the router, the problem disappears, and I get a ping response time of < 1ms.  It is acting as if the router is overloaded with data or something and it cannot process any requests.  Also note that I sometimes connect to two different offices via two different VPN connections.  One is a Cisco Anyconnect VPN, and the other just uses a standard Microsoft VPN connection.   These do not normally cause any issues, but I am including this information in case it may be important.

Is there any way I can figure out what is happening on my network that is causing my router to become apparently overloaded?
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Check for firmware update for your router from manufacturer website.  The new firmware updates will have a list of bugs and fixes.

Another thing to check is the temperature of the hot does it get?  Usually for the little routers I stand them on the side for increased air flow or get a small fan to blow cool air on them.
If your end-point device support it, try to use the 5ghz network and not the 2.4.
jbaird123Author Commented:
V4705 - I disabled teh 2.4 Ghz.  Will wait to see if the problem recurs.

shadowmatnx:  I upgraded the firmware and made sure that the router is in a cool location.  It does not see to be very warm.

These are good suggestions, so I will keep an eye on the router now to see if this solves the problem.

I was actually wondering if there is any way to monitor the router traffic to see if there is some unknown process (possibly rogue?) hogging all of the bandwidth.  Is there something that I can use to see what traffic is going through the router?
jbaird123Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.  My router seems to be performing much better now.
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