What sized surface raceway is needed

What sized surface raceway should I use for 50 ethernet cables?  
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Any size... they are typically 8-10 inches wide, sometimes more some times less. Weight should not be an issue no matter what size you get.
You need to know the diameter of the cable to figure 40% conductor fill for 50 cables.

I'm assuming your raceway will be longer than 24 inches, because shorter than that is considered a "stub" which can be filled to 60%.

Unless you're sure there will never be more than 50 cables, I would allow for at least 10% future expansion and size it for 30%-35% fill.

If you're going around corners, you might want to figure even less fill so you can maintain the recommended minimum radius of the cable bend (typically 4 or 5 times the diameter of the cable).
stcatechiesAuthor Commented:
Thank you both
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