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I have written code to list all companies in our database alphabetically.  I have quick links at the top from A-Z and also have one other link that is suppose to get all companies that start with a number or special character.  Does anyone know the SELECT command in MySQL that can search all the companies and list them that begin with a number or special character.  Basically a list of all companies that DO NOT start with a letter.
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Possibly you could use something like SELECT mycompany FROM mtable WHERE mycompany NOT IN (SELECT mycompany FROM mtable WHERE mycompany LIKE ' a%' OR 'b%' OR 'c%'   ... etc

But I think it might be easier to use ALTER TABLE and add a selection column.  You could use the first letter of the company name to load the column, or you could load the column with '1' to indicate a non-letter name.
the-mizAuthor Commented:
Yes, I thought of those two ideas.  Using the OR statement in the clause will get long, for each letter in the alphabet.  Thought there might be a cleaner way
Ray PaseurCommented:
I think the cleaner way would be to alter the table.  That is what I would probably do.
Something like :

SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE NOT columnToCheck REGEXP '[A-Za-z0-9]';

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Ray PaseurCommented:
That WHERE NOT REGEXP might need to be something like '[A-Za-z]{1}.*?' to find the companies like 3-M that start with numbers.  Not quite sure about that regex syntax in MySQL.  I still think I might change the table to add a selection column.  It would depend on the weight of the table scan that would result from the SELECT .. WHERE NOT.

Best to all, ~Ray
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