SharePoint 2010 sites login question

Hi Everyone,

We are using MS SharePoint 2010 here at the office, and when a user tries to navigate to a different site, the are often prompted to re-login. Especially when opening documents. It gets really irritating having to do this many times per day.

Click the Save password option in etiher Firefox or IE doesn't always seem to work. Note, we are not yet using a Windows Domain for the users.

Anything else I can try here?

Thanks in advance,

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Honestly, using IE and having a valid Windows domain really will help a lot, since your current authentication with the Domain controller just will be reused by all Sharepoint servers within your domain. Firefox usually does not work correctly here, and will always prompt for passwords, so does IE without a valid Windows domain.
Check this to see if it will need to add the site to the users local intranet in IE
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