HP LaserJet P3005DN maint. kit

I purchased three HP LaserJet P3005DN printers a few years ago. One pretty much stop working, keeps jaming and the other two are also starting to jam. I tried asking one of our sales rep. for a maint. kit for these printers but she explain HP does not have one. Any suggestions? maybe use for target practice?
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For many HP printers the maintenance kits are only officially available through service organisations - as well as, unofficially, from various web sites. The kit consists of the fuser, transfer roller and various paper transport rollers, all of which will help prevent jams.

Why HP want it to be a service job I have never understood as the items in the kit are easy enough to replace. As Techn9cian says, for low cost printers it's cheaper to replace the printer rather than the maintenance kit. The P3005 is not really in that category, as replacements will cost well over $500. Here are a couple of sites that sell the kits:


Installation instructions are here:
There are some maintenance kits for this model online, but all are over $200.  I'd say chuck it and get a brand new printer. :)
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