Mailbox migration from Ithink to gmail

Professional my one of the client is moving mailbox data from Ithink to gmail means they have purchased domain from google and hosted their 2000 mailboxes with google now i am giving them assistance for mailbox data migration below are the steps i am following:-

1. download whole data from i think to outlook pst.
2.configure their outlook profiles with google pop settings.
3. import their old pst into new profile
4. change of mx records from client DNS server

please correct if i am going wrong at some place.

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PapertripConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your mails are being sent from a Google apps account, then the SPF record for your domain needs to have Google's SPF include like I pasted above, along with any other servers that will be sending mail for a specific domain.

If your mails will be delivered to your Google apps mailboxes, then the MX record for your domain needs to be setup to direct mail to those servers.
The above plan sounds good, i think you can go ahead.
If you are sending mails through gmail, then make sure to add their sending IP's to the SPF record for your domains.

If you are only sending through gmail, then this is all you need for your SPF records.
v=spf1 ~all

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Woops that should be in quotes
"v=spf1 ~all"

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Yogesh_Exchange_ExpertAuthor Commented:
one thing i am only not able to understand client is not having any exchange installed in their so whats the need of changing MX records and adding spf records in DNS as per my knowledge and understanding if we configure outlook as per gmail settings it will work through internet then whats the use of DNS in it.
Yogesh_Exchange_ExpertAuthor Commented:
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