Bluetooth Keyboard paired but no action

Hi I have an issue, where i need some assistance on

I am currently trying to install and configure a
Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard  and numpad 6000

I am using a Bluetooth adapter - Targus 2.1
Running Windows XP SP3 - I am currently testing on Desktop PC - Dell Optiplex 790

Now i have installed the Targus 2.1 software Driver for Bluetooth and works fine.
I can pari the device fine, but once its pair, it does not react to any commands i type out on the keyboard.

i need any assistance asap
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Micky-P-TACConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
dont worry about this question, as noone was able to help i sorted it out myself so no points
WHen paired, does the divide show up as a HID (Human Interface Device) in control panel?

I would also question the reliability of Targus, as it's an Aldi brand :-/
Micky-P-TACAuthor Commented:
I have checked in control panel and under Keyboards I get the following

- HID Keyboard Device

Under Mice and other pointing devices I get
- HID compliant Uniying mouse

But nothing in system devices or Universal Serial bus controllers

the blue tooth configuration are showing in control panel but nothing else, do you have any ideas ?
Micky-P-TACAuthor Commented:
there was no help period
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