Issue with exch 2003 and 2010

I just setup a exch 2010 server on a network which already has a exch 2003 server. I have not migrated any users yet, but now the exch 2003 users are getting bounce back messages from places like AOL and such and they keep getting deleivery delayed messages from the new exch 2010 server. Is there something I need to setup yet on the exch 2010 server or on the 2003 so that they email goes out the 2003 insted of the 2010 for now?
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vmichAuthor Commented:
I found the issue.. I had the internet conn on the 2010 server enabled and also I had to add an outbound conn to the 2003 exch server....
Those services running on a separate machines? Do you forward the mailing ports only to the machine running 2003 ?

Anyway I wouldn't do something like that before reading best-practice articles, I hope this one will help you:

Good luck!
vmichAuthor Commented:
I did not do anything other than setup the exch 2010 by following the docs for it. Somehow the email is going out the 2010 server instead of the exch 2003.
Do I need to change something so that the 2003 users go out the 2003 and the 2010 go out the 2010?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Can you brief what steps you performed and where are the user mailboxes residing currently, is it on 2003 or 2010?
vmichAuthor Commented:
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