Windows Server 2008 TS Drive Full

We have a terminal server that shows 0kb free on the C: drive. One of our guys found afile that was 2GB that was no longer needed. He deleted that file but an hour later, the drive was full again. I wanted to run TreeSize to find out what files might be filling up but cannot install it with the drive full. How can I determine what file is growing so fast?

Windows Server 2008 TS
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E037600Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Install TreeSize Pro on your local workstation, then map a drive to the \\TSName\C$ and run the scan from your local workstation.  You should be able to see all the details you need that way.
1. Make sure your backups are on time, they should delete old files and free some storage space.
2. Create a new shared folder in drive D and change user's terminal services folder in active directory.
3. Move all your databases to a different partition, nothing should "stuck" other services.

Good luck!
adam2112Author Commented:
RanTreeSize. It doesn't show any files today that have increased very much so it must be a bunch of smaller files all growing rapidly.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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adam2112Author Commented:
No backups are done on that server.
There is only a c: drive.

I found some log files on the server. I deleted them and c: showed some free space. I immediately did a refresh and the drive was back down to 0kb.
saraf1000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I generally do search - select advanced - size greater than 10000kb and select hidden and system files.. and on result - do size descending sort.. Would know what is occupying the files...
Be careful before deleting files... Mostly antivirus --tmp-log-dump error files grows and can be deleted safely.

adam2112Author Commented:
I'm not sure what the cause was but it is resolved now. Windows Explorer and Disk Management were reporting completely different numbers for free space. After deleting tmp files, Explorer would show 0kb again although TreeSize showed no files had increased after the delete. It was looking like Explorer thought there was no free space when there was actually free space there. We lowered the page file all the way down temporarily and rebooted the machine. After that it had 209GB free. It has been fine all night.
adam2112Author Commented:
The solutions above did not resolve the issue but were helpful tools to figure out what was going on.
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