Why doesn't my Windows 2008 R2 install see the Mezzanine cards for the C3000

We have a HP C3000 with 6 BL465c G7 servers.  When we load Windows 2003 on the servers with the SmartStart disk we see the 2 onboard Broadcom NICS, but we also see the 10GB Backplane Mezzanine NICS.  When I load Windows 2008 R2 with the SmartStart, it only shows the onboard Broadcom NICS.  If I configure those... I get no communication "out" of the Chassis......  If I configure the HP NC55i Dual Port FlexFabric 10GB Converged Adapters on the 2003 box (those are the ones not showing on 2008)  I can get out to my network?

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Have you tried installing the latest ProLiant Support Pack and configuring with the HP network utility? It's quite likely the SmartStart CD included was out of date but the PSP will fix that.
CU1_EntSys2Author Commented:
We found that even though the systems were purchased after the Windows 2008 R2 system had been available... the media provided was in fact old.  Thanks.
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