421 Too many connections to this IP

Using FlasFXP ftp client when uploading files to my web hotel, I get the message 421 Too many connections to this IP.
Web hotel blames it on me and my client and on the ftp protocol. What is the truth? Is there something I can do to overcome it?
Lennart EricsonAmateurAsked:
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Somewhere in your FlasXFP client you should be able to limit the number of simultaneous connections that it opens to your web hotel.  Start at 1, and work your way up.  My guess is that you will probably max out at 2, since that is a fairly standard default allowance per incoming IP.

It won't hurt your uploads really - it will just do them sequentially instead of simultaneously, and the overall time to publish shouldn't be that much different.

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LinuxGuruLinux Server AdministratorCommented:
Sometimes FTP clients may open multiple connections to one ip for upload. You just need to edit the settings in your FTP client and set to allow only one connection. Just search your FTP client documentation for limiting the number of connections. Normally multiple connections to server are limited for better performance. So you have to correct the setting in your FTP client.
testez, that sounds an awful lot like what I just posted yesterday with minor wording changes.
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