AVG reports "possible infection" on windows update uninstaller files

AVG 2012 resident protection shows "possible infection" in windows update uninstaller files.  It pops up daily for the past 20 days with notification message.  I have removed restore point files in the past and updated the registry key; can I manually delete the files possible infected without updating the key?  Is there another way to stop the popups? I have allready turned off system restore, that did not help.
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HellmarkLinux Systems AdministratorCommented:
You should be able to delete the files needed, without needing to update the key, since it is for uninstall files, and not a full restore point. The only issue that you may experience, is that you may run into problems should you decide to remove patches from Windows Update. However, it is unlikely that you would want to do that.
This is probably nothing more than a 'false positive' (as I mentioned in your other question).

You can scan any individual file for malware here:

It is a very reliable site that many of us use.
AE_JBAuthor Commented:
The answers posted are accurate, but I had to re post to find out how to uninstall all but the most recient restore point.
HellmarkLinux Systems AdministratorCommented:
Based on the information given, and the phrasing of the request, the answers were given to the best of their ability. You stated that you had already deleted the restore points, and also disabled system restore, which would prevent the creation of additional restore points. Given that, how could we give you the answer you sought? Please be succinct and use wording to specify what exactly you desire. You asked if you can delete files associated with uninstallers that were identified as being infected without messing around in the registry, and specifically stated that you've deleted restore points and disabled system restore. That no way suggests that you wanted to remove all but the latest restore point.
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