Exchange 2010 transactions logs

i can't run a full back of  exchange 2010 sp1 database and the trans logs are accumulating, when i run the backup these are the errors i get (see below). we have the database and the log files in different drives. If i dismount the database and move the transaction logs to another folder then mount the database, can i still mount the database?

Backup Exec 2010 Error: V-79-57344-65247 - A failure occurred reading an object.

Backup- \\servername\Microsoft Information Store\TIIMDB1WARNING: "\\servername\Microsoft Information Store\TIIMDB1\Logs ( E000004D722.log - E0000053490.log )" is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.

Verify- \\servername\Microsoft Information Store\TIIMDB1 servernameWARNING: "Logs ( E000004D722.log - E0000053490.log )" is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify.

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tiinettechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i want to thank you all for your answers but i found the solution here.

I dismounted the database,
I moved (just in case i need them later) logs to temp location.
mounted database
ran full backup and it worked, no errors.


thanks again.
Never move the logs manually.
Also which antivirus are you using..?
Disable antivirus and run the backup once.
tiinettechAuthor Commented:
i'm not running any antivirus on the server, except the SMS for Exchange.
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Hi tiinettech,

What backup program are you using? Have you tried the local Microsoft Windows server Backup just as a meens of getting the logs down?
tiinettechAuthor Commented:
I'm running Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2. No i havent' tried running the backup frorm windows.
The reason that I asked is that I had a problem with the logs on one of my servers before and when I used the Microsoft Backup utility to backup the database the logs were deleted automatically.
Good points from the other EE members here however if the logs are corrupt you have a bigger issue here that needs some investigating.

1. its really rare to get corrupted logs so I would take a close look at the event logs to see if you are having other system, disk or Exchange related errors.

2. When was your last good backup?

3. If you are having some other issues with the this database then I would proceed with caution but if you are about to run our of disk space and don't feel you have time to figure out the log issue immediately you can TEMPORARILY turn on circular logging to trim the logs i.e.
A: In the console tree, navigate to Organization Configuration > Mailbox.
B: In the result pane, on the Database Management tab, select the database you want to configure.
C: In the work pane, click Properties.
D: Go to the maintenance tab
E:  Enable circular logging.
F. Dismount and mount the database
G. logs will be cleared
H. Reverse the process so that logs begin to accumulate again
I. Test your backup again and report back.

4. If you have a bit of time before hitting the wall on disk space then I would recommend

A: Examining your event logs for the system and Exchange closely to ensure there is not a larger issue looming and of course correct the issues ASAP.

B: If nothing is evident in the logs then try to backup with Windows Backup. However I suspect that it will fail as well since its a specific error about transaction logs being corrupt.  Antoine has a good article here

C: If the Windows Backup works then I would look back to Symantec and see if there is an available patch to resolve the issue.
1. Considering the fact you have corrupt logs they are no good to you in the future since they must be sequential, hence the recommendation to use circular logging to trim the logs and its also safer then doing by hand.

That said glad to hear you were able to clear the logs by hand

2. My additional recommendations stand in terms of examining your system because its rare that logs will become corrupt like that unless you have an AV system messing with them however usually they remove the logs and do not modify for corruption OR more than likely you have a hardware issue that will raise its head again.

3. Does your backup work successfully now?

tiinettechAuthor Commented:
the backups are working, i did a couple of them. i will look into the event logs to see if  i see any issue.
tiinettechAuthor Commented:
i was able to find the answer in the knowledge base. for future referance, can i give the points to the person who posted the solution?
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