How do I create a PDF Voice Mail list using data from Mysql

I have a mysql database with my employee info. What I need is a pdf generated from that data on the fly so users can click on it and download the latest version. I'm not sure where to start I can pull the data fine into my asp page but I need it for mated diffrently. I would like it to look like the example I found on the net.  phone list example
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I have seen, Lowagie has opened a new project that might help you even better:
Creates from XML PDF files - I have not tested it, just saw it when verifying the links.
As mysql can directly generate XML-output this might be easier to create the result required.
To produce "on the fly" PDF from data you've been pulling from a database, on of the possibilities you have, is to use the iText library (either as jar for java or as dlll for csharp)
It will not do it "by itself" you'll have to create your document yourself, so it is programming effort, but it is wellknown and widely used for such purposes.

You can look here:
and for some background
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