Hardware firewall easy to set up whitelisting?

I had a Hotbrick LB-2. It was exceptionally easy to set up a short list of url's to be whitelisted with that. Those are not available at this time. Are there other low cost dual-wan, or even single-wan firewalls that are easy to set up and can whitelist? I have a Sonicwall but some of the setup is over my head and the rest of it is way over my head.. my God, all I want to do is enter some url's and click "whitelist those, block the rest, don't forget to not get spoofed"....
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packetguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sonicwalls are pretty darned easy to configure, and the Sonicwall TZ-100 is probably the easiest to configure in the SonicWall line. Is that the model you're using? Sonicwall has some great online training to help you understand how to configure the product in a SOHO environment.

In a nutshell, just click on the Content Filter tab on the left side of the SonicWall Web console, then click the Configure button next to the "SonicWall CFS" pop-up menu item. Within the CFS Configure dialog yo can create custom lists of domains to allow and forbid (and do keyword matching as well.
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