Why is the Attribute Editor tab missing in Windows 2008 R2 server in active directory users and computers?

I have a 23 domain forest that is running at a 2003 functional level. We have installed Windows 2008 R2 DC's in every domain. However, the attribute editor tab does not show up for many of the domains and users within those domains in Active Directory Users and Computers/Advanced View. What's the problem?
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Are you searching for the users or drilling down to the OU the user is in? if you are doing a search the "Attribute Editor" tab is not available.

Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Yes, Ken is right.
But one more thing you can check (if this is not related with console) is to clean ADUC console cache. To do that, log on to the DC or workstation on which this problem occurs and go to

c:\Users\<FaultyProfile>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MMC and delete there dsa file
re-run ADUC console and check if problem disappeared. But this works only as Ken wrote, you must go directly to an OU and edit user to see "Attributes Editor" tab. Search doesn't show it.

@Ken: Hi again :]

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