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Resources eg bitmaps in vb.net


I have a question regarding resources eg bitmaps, icons, in vb.net.

At the moment, when working on a form, I am specifying, for example, a bitmap for the background of the form by specifying a link to the bitmap in the properties window.

However, I believe that a bitmap can also be specified in the Resouce tab of the application by right clicking the project in the solution explorer and then opening up the Resouce tab. This allows the user to add strings, bitmaps, icons etc.

My question is whether there is any advantage in either method. I have read on the net that there is something that can be done with satellite assembly files (for different countries) and I don't fully understand this (see http://visualbasic.about.com/od/usingvbnet/a/netres090117.htm).

Further, looking at the resulting files and folders and the solution I can't see where the bitmap that has been added exists.

Can anybody enlighten me and answer the questions above.

2 Solutions
When you specify the path of the bitmap in properties, its added to resources anyway.
Let's say that you had 5 forms, all with the same bitmap background.  VB will copy that bitmap into each of the form's *.resx file.... so that's 5 copies of the same bitmap!   Using resource files, you can reduce this to 1 copy.

Yes, you could also have a separate resource file for each language.  Consider if a graphic had the word "STOP" in it... you'd really need to have a different version of that graphic for spanish, german, etc.

Take a look at the RESX file for the base-64 encoded XML representation of the graphics that you've embedded in your forms.
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