Need additional bandwith from ISP ..2 modems one router one network

I have a network with about 80 XP based PCs.
We are having a problem with needing more bandwidth and we are currently at the max level from the Cable ISP.
If I add another Cable modem, would the best solution be to have the 2 lines from the cable modems run to a load balancing router with a single port then going to my 24 port switch? Would it be beneficial to have multiple connections coming from the load balancing router to the switch?
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Amit KhilnaneyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question is little bit confusing but i guess you already have answer

You can take as many ISP lines depending upon the type of load balancing wan router you have...

Then you can connect the switch to Load Balancing Router on any of the LAN Ports..

Difference is connecting dsl modem/cable modem to wan ports and your switch to Lan Port..
Amit KhilnaneyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are thinking about connecting your switch to same load balancing router twice. I.e. connecting two cables on two different lan ports on load balancing router and to switch

Than wont make a difference until you too many ISP connections that you need to have multiple Load Balancing router to harness the power of multiple ISP..
ITMikeKAuthor Commented:
I guess I was on the right track.
Only one cable from the load balancing router to the switch should be sufficient.
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