iSCSI disk backup with Microsoft DPM 2010

We're currently trying to expand the storage capacity of the network file share at our business.  We currently use a shared volume on a Windows Server 2003 machine and have decided to supplement that using a NAS that has a built-in iSCSI target.

The question is:  If we use an iSCSI initiator on the Windows Server 2003 machine and have that NAS added as an additional volume on that server, will we be able to back up that volume using Microsoft DPM 2010?

We currently use DPM 2010 for all of our servers (which includes our primary file share) and we don't want to host our files somewhere that DPM can't handle them.  Is there any reason this won't work?  I know DPM doesn't work with regular NAS objects because it can't deal with network shares (UNC paths) directly... but would having the storage handled with an iSCSI initiator in Windows solve that problem?

(Side note:  This question is *not* asking if we can use an iSCSI target for *storing* DPM backup data or as part of the DPM storage pool--which is what 99.9% of all hits on Google refer to when "iSCSI" and "Microsoft DPM" are searched together.)   :)
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iSCSI looks like a physically attached disk the same as any other.

So if you are backing up the disks on your file server using DPM,the iSCSI NAS would look no different than say your C drive.
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