Use log file macro to keep track of jobs

Hi Team
I'm trying to write a macro in sas, that will log the time a job has been run its name and start and end time.
It then should append this information to a log table in SAS

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Aloysius LowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
how are you triggering the job currently?

what you could do is to write a wrapper sas script which will log the start time of the job and the time the job ends and then write a record to the log table

e.g. (just to give you an idea, actual implementation depends on how you are currently executing the sas code and any other requirements)

  %let starttime = datetime();
  %include "&filename";
  %let endtime = datetime();

  data job_details;
    starttime = &starttime;
    endtime = &endtime;
    jobname = "&filename";

  proc append base = [your job audit table] data = job_details; run;

then call the macro by using:
%job_audit(filename=[the fully qualified path and filename where the sas code is located]);
d507201Database Marketing ConsultantCommented:
I've attached two macros that I use.   They write the information to the program's SAS log itself but could easily be modified to write to a dataset, or both.

The macros will capture the start/end time of an entire program if you pass it the parameter 'program' or you can use them without the parameter to encapsulate a data step/proc or a set of data steps and procs.  Without the parameter they can be used multiple times within a program.

I've thought of modifying them into queries so they can be used within a proc sql with multiple queries to capture the timings for a specific query but never quite got around to it.

Any idea who we talk to get get files with the .sas extension approved for uploading?
Thrawn3000Author Commented:
Hi All
The below code is what, I have so far it creates a temporary table and append it with start time, end time, jobname and job description which are passewd to the macro.

What I wantthe code to do is to create a table in a permanent table in a library , and the subsequent time it is run  to append that log table. The first time I create the dable I also want to set the lenght of the Job_name and Job_description to 200.
any ideas.

/*%Let newVar = SYSDATE;*/
/*%let varStartRunTime=%sysfunc(time());*/

%let varStartRunTime= %sysfunc(datetime(),datetime.10);
%let varEndRunTime= %sysfunc(datetime(),datetime.10);
%let varJobName =  01_01_Build_Segmentation;
%let varJobDescription =TBA;

    %macro logmodelbuild(varJobName,varjobitemdesc,varRunDate,StartRunTime,EndRunTime);

			Data DS5; retain JOB_NAME "&varJobName"  JOB_DESCRIPTION "&varjobitemdesc" RUN_DATE "&varRunDate" RUN_TIME_START "&StartRuntime" RUN_TIME_END "&EndRunTime";

				proc append base=ds8 data=ds5;


			Title "Test Code &logjobnam done";

					proc print data=ds8 noobs;


    %mend logmodelbuild;

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Aloysius LowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you want the table in a permanent library, you'll need to specify a library when doing the proc append:

proc append base=[permanent library name].ds8

if you want the column with a specified length when creating the table, when creating your table DS5, you could specify the length after your data statement:
data ds5;
  length job_name job_description $200.;
  the rest of your code;
Thrawn3000Author Commented:
Thanks, that makes it clear i understand the syntax and logic now.
Thrawn3000Author Commented:
Thanks, that makes it clear i understand the syntax and logic now.
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