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I'm modifying a theme I purchased from ThemeForest.com called "Eleganza".

I've inserted a search box in this template and it looks great in all browsers EXCEPT IE 8 where the two right hand sections of the footer get completely out of whack.   (see attachment)

I need to get the footer to line up however a BETTER SOLUTION would be to have the search box moved up next to the top right hand links.  (so the order of the top-most area of the header is:
1. social media,
2, search box
3.  then links called:   Intranet | Careers | Contact Us | Directory | Sitemap

Here is the link:


Please help!
    Screen Shot of Footer Problem
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lizzzzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem was the lack of a closing </form> tag on the search box. ....which fixed the alignment in IE.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This part may be too wide even though it is hidden.  Try the version below and see if it works.
<div class="formpart">
<span class="errormessage">Error! Please correct marked fields.</span><br>
<span class="successmessage">Subscription send successfully!</span><br>
<span class="sendingmessage">Sending...</span></div>

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lizzzzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dave,
That's what I originally thought, too.  But that part is fine.  

Somehow something with the new div I added which contains the search box pushes down those two right hand boxes (only in IE)  ...all other browsers are find.

I'd like to move the search box up to the very top however.
lizzzzAuthor Commented:
I found a missing closing tag which fixed the problem.
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