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3D Catwalk

I am looking for a utility which provides '3D catwalk simulation' out of the box with the ability to change dresses of the model easily.
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I think you mean runway not catwalk.

You didn't mention your budget ;-)

If budget is not a consideration, it is the "3-D Runway Designer" by OptiTex you should be looking for on the page linked to by d-glitch, just in case you are overwhelmed by the number of listed items and perhaps download the wrong software.  Somehow I doubt that they can give away software worth many thousands of $ though, so you will most likely get a very very basic and limited version of the software on the Giveaway of the Day site.

The OptiTex page for their 3D Runway Designer is:
Here is a YouTube video showing it working, and there will probably be lots more:
You won't get the price from the OptiTex site.  You have to ask them for it.

There is other software that might be more affordable, such as "Marvelous Designer 2"
There are videos created using the software:

You may find some good resources here:

With this type of software I think you probably get what you pay for, even if the prices seem to be over the top.  It all depends whether you want your catwalk model to walk like a real lady or like a jerky robot.

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muhammasifAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I need to provide some clarification.
By dresses, I mean photos of the real dresses. So, in essence, I need the ability to use photos of real dresses as the dresses of the model. These dresses were not designed using a software.
Hi muhammasif

Unfortunately I am not familiar with any of the software that I mentioned.  I just searched the Internet, eliminated software that looked like entertainment software for teenage girls, and read up the notes for the software that looked professional.  I am far from being a fashion guru myself and I am not a programmer.

The first thing I think you should do is look at the software titles that I mentioned and see if you can see any options to IMPORT existing designs from standard image files.  I would imagine that the virtual garments created by the design function of such software saves it in some proprietory format for use by the software, but it is possible that if you have some photos of the garments from different angles you might be able to import them.  You would really have to read the full features of the software suggested and see if this is possible, or else ask in some of the forums dedicated to that software.

My first thought about what you are asking is about the "flow" of the garments on an animated model walking down a catwalk and turning.  A tight-fitting garment doesn't have loose and free flowing material that swings out when the model moves, whereas a long loose dress will swing free.  To use STILL images in an animated simulation would require LOTS of photos of the garment actually being worn, for example separate snapshot stills taken from a video of the garment being modelled.  You would need these for ALL of the interchangeable garments in order to overlay them on the animated model and get any realism at all to the simulation.

The only solution I can think of is a well featured FLASH design suite where you can import standard images and then overlay them onto a naked animated model in the correct order.  The longer the model walks on the catwalk the more images would be needed.

I am sorry to say that this really takes me right out of my comfort zone because I have had limited experience with anything other than very basic Flash design software or 3-D modelling software.

Can I suggest that you click the "Request Attention" link and perhaps a moderator can suggest some other zones to add to your question to attract experts with more experience with animation design.

Thank you muhammasif.

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