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I am running Windows server 2008 with 14 work stations running Vista Professional and two with Windows 7 Pro.  If several people log on at the same time, and one or two are first time log on, so large profile download from server to work station, some of the work stations will give a message that the network is to slow so the roaming profile has not been completely loaded.

What can I do to see what the problem is, and repair it?
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tommca4781Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I advise that you download and run the free/open-source Wireshark packet capture program ( or Microsofts Network Monitor that is also free to use. You can install and run this on one of the PC's experiencing the issue. Once installed, download a large file from your server and then review the captured packets to determine where the issue is.

It is possible that the network card driver on your server may need to be changed or you have a faulty peice of network equipment/cabling that you can swap out.
WilfAuthor Commented:
I will try this tonight and see how it works
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