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I need a solution to back up Windows 7 profile files on a Windows 2003 server to a dual hard drive storage device.  Smart Sync Pro 3 worked well with XP on the stations, but cannot access the profiles to back them up.  It is running as a service.

The system could be replaced and I was hoping for some comments on systems, or a method to actually reach Smart Sync Pro folk.
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In Services, go to the Properties of the server.  The Logon Tab area you can set a domain account for the service to run as.

For the Roaming profiles, you need to use an account (for the service) which can access (read) those folders.

You will have to grant the permissions to the 'service' account.
If it's only 5 users, then you can logon as the user and grant the service account the read permissions (or full permissions if you want to have full access) to the folders.

Or take a look at this:

I can't remember for sure right now, but the Roaming Profile I think needs to have security set for the User (full control and also maybe owner as well).
Another way to set permissions is to use an admin account, take ownership of the profile folders, add back the user's account as full control.  you may also need to reset the user as the Owner (in security tab, click the Advanced button, there is the Ownership area).
I would suggest test with 1 account first.
Then logon somewhere as that user and make sure their profile on the server is fine, if not you need to reset them as the owner and test it again.

You are looking for a backup program or method not the strategy.  Is that correct?

WilfAuthor Commented:
That is correct.

I have a netgear unit in place that runs smart sync pro 3.  All was fine until the workstations were upgraded to Windows 7.  Now the profiles are in a .v2 directory, and I have not been able to get smart sync to access those directories to do a backup of them.

The unit is a few years old, so replacing it would not be the end of the world.  I have tried to communicate with smart sync, but no luck.

Any suggestions would be helpful
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I know nothing about backup programs.  My comment was just to clarify the issue.

Can you access the profile folders with an admin account?
I am not familiar with that backup program, but if it runs as a service then I would try to set the service to logon as an admin account (or an account that you know can access those folders.
If your admin account cannot access the profile folders then you need to adjust the folder permissions to allow the admin account access.
Did you setup the (I guess) roaming profile with a GPO?
WilfAuthor Commented:
Since there are only a few accounts [5] I set each one up individually but similar.  Admin cannot access the profiles.  Can I change the permissions on the profile account without creating an issue with Windows 7 and server 2003?

How would I have the service log on?  That would seem to be the easiest way - create a user backup or something similar and give backup read permission to the profiles.  I am not sure how to have the service log on thogh.  Could you provide instructions for that?

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